In this webinar for Parent Centers, U.S. Department of Education shares important guidance on how Parent Centers must prepare and submit their annual reports/continuation reports, due in May 2022. The webinar goes through the steps and required forms one by one, the kinds of data that Parent Centers are expected to submit, and timelines.

Hosted by the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)

Date | January 12, 2022

Presenters |

Carmen Sanchez, Parent Program Lead, OSEP | Part 1: Overview and Reminders
Kristen Rhoads, Project Officer for Region B, OSEP | Part 2: Measures and Data
Perry Williams, Project Officer for Region D, OSEP | Part 3: Coversheet
Perry Williams | Part 4: Executive Summary
Kristen Rhoads | Part 5: Section A
Kristen Rhoads | Part 6: Section B
Yolanda Lusane, Project Officer for the CPRCs | Part 7: Section C
Yolanda Lusane | Part 8: New in 2022

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Listen to the Entire Webinar

Want to listen to the 38-minute full webinar, straight through? We’ve posted it at:


Listen to a Specific Section of the Webinar

Would you like to revisit one specific part of the guidance offered in this webinar—say, filling out the coversheet? Here we provide the webinar in sections for easier access.

Part 1: Overview and Reminders

Part 2: Measures and Data

Part 3: Coversheet

Part 4: Executive Summary

Part 5: Section A

Part 6: Section B

Part 7: Section C

Part 8: New in 2022

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Resources and Documents Mentioned in the Webinar

In Part 1 (Overview and Reminders), these resources were on slides:

Statuatory Foundations of Project Annual Reporting

Completing the Report Online