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Taking the Alternate Assessment Does NOT Mean Education in a Separate Setting!

This 4-page Parent Brief from the TIES Center focuses on alternate assessments for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. As the brief's title indicates, the fact that a student will be taking the alternative assessment does not mean that he or she then needs to be educated in a separate, non-inclusive setting. The brief reviews IDEA's least restrictive environment (LRE) provisions and other legal provisions that support inclusion in the regular classroom. It also provides guidance to parents on what to say and stress in the IEP meeting. The brief closes with "Next Steps for Parents" and a short list of additional resources. Download the brief and find out more about the TIES Center's other materials for parents.

Featured Parent Center

Family Matters Recordings

Family Matters

Family Matters, which serves Illinois, provides information, referral, linkages, and training to parents, students with disabilities, and special education professionals. The Parent Training and Information Center has an archive of excellent recordings on topics that range from Advocating for Parental Rights Under IDEA to The Sexual Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Here you can find a list of their recordings.

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Buzz from the Hub | Activating the Student Voice

The theme of this issue of the Buzz is on encouraging and enabling students with disabilities to speak up and participate in decision making that affects their education and their lives now and in the future. We are also pleased to spotlight 2 data resources that Parent Centers may find relevant to their work with families and their collaborations with others at the state, regional, and national levels.

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Buzz from the Hub

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