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Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities

…value of sex education comes from NPR. ___________ Sex education for physically, emotionally, and mentally challenged youth. A 6-pager from Advocates for Youth. Sex and specific physical disabilities….

Deafness and Hearing Loss

…| 1.800.241.1044 Helpful Readings on Specific Subjects Your Baby’s Hearing and Communicative Development Checklist | To Parents of Deaf Children | Early Intervention Assistive Technology for…

Visual Impairment, Including Blindness

… Family Connect (English) (Spanish) Foundation Fighting Blindness 800.683.5555 | 800.683.5551 (TTY) Find your local chapter | (English) (Spanish) Lighthouse Guild 800.284.4422 | National…

Behavior at School

…guide gives descriptions of 12 common mistakes in implementing behavior plans, then offers solutions. AD/HD and behavior. If you have a student with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), you’ll find a…

Basic Information about Trauma

…On YouTube, at: InBrief: The Science of Neglect | Video This 6-minute video from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University provides a simply-put explanation of how…

Finding Statistics

…Personal Assistance Services. World facts on disabilities and disability issues. Back to top Statistics on the Children Receiving Services under IDEA Who are the children receiving early intervention…

Emotional Disturbance Updated!

…an eating disorder. (20) Back to top Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Often referred to as OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder is actually considered an anxiety disorder (which was discussed earlier in this fact sheet)….


…Child with A Seizure Disorder in the Classroom Education of Kids with Epilepsy Back to top References 1 | Epilepsy Foundation of America. (n.d.). What is epilepsy? Available…

Otro Impedimento de la Salud

…interesa a Ud. Hemos listado varios para que pueda comenzar. American Heart Association Yale Medical Group Medline Plus University of Miami Health System Volver al principio…

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