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Deafness and Hearing Loss

…Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants Tips for Teachers | Back to top References American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (n.d.). Causes of hearing loss. Available online at: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association….

Early Childhood Reopening Resource Collection

and families alike. We hope that the resources listed below will help early childhood practitioners and programs in welcoming families and children back into shared settings and experiences. Back to…

Mental Health Resources

and the public. NAMI in Spanish | Mental Health America | MHA addresses all aspects of mental health and mental illness. Delve into their online resources about mental…

Considering LRE in Placement Decisions

…Considering “Supplementary Aids and Services” Providing supplementary aids and services is essential for many children with disabilities to progress and learn. But just what are supplementary aids and services? The…

CPIR Info Suites and Resource Collections 2021

…aspects of IDEA (e.g., evaluation, the IEP, and procedural safeguards). Each module comes with a trainer’s guide, slideshow, and handouts for participants. Many are available in Spanish. Back to…

OSEP Webinars for Parent Centers

and CPRCs about the 2017 performance measurement results and plans for 2018 collection. The Audio Description video is also available for those who prefer it. List of 2018 Parent Centers…

Education/Training Connections

…disabilities and their families, a self-advocacy blog, and Raising the Standard (its newsletter). | All sorts of tools and info here. Find classes and degree programs in the…

An Action-Packed Year for Parent Centers: 2019-2020

…points of contact in communities nationwide and critical partners for states, early intervention systems, and schools responsible for so much in the educational and developmental well-being of children and youth…

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