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Education/Training Connections

…are designed to guide students with disabilities through the process of considering college, applying to college, and succeeding there. Rethinking College | This 25-minute film produced by Think College explores…

Options and Planning for College: For Families

…able to check their understanding with a quiz. To access this (and other) modules, first register for free at Think College LEARN, at: Find this module, at:  …

College & Career Development Organizer

college and career readiness. The Organizer can also be used as a set of building blocks to help SEA, LEAs, schools, and other organizations develop college and career readiness strategies…

College and Career Readiness

…U.S. Department of Education. College and Career Readiness is intended to connect Parent Centers with information on: already available materials explaining what college and career readiness is; college– and career-readiness…

Improving College and Career Readiness for Students with Disabilities

…to preparation and readiness for postsecondary education and careers; and includes examples of current programs and policies that help students with disabilities to successfully transition to college and career.…

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