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Webinar | Premiering Two New Resources for Parent Centers

In this webinar, CPIR premieres two new resources for Parent Centers: the online Resource Collection on Trauma-Informed Care (organized as 5 mini-collections by topic) and Advocacy in Action: A Guide to Local Special Education Parent Advisory Councils. Access both of these resources in this webinar archive, and listen to the webinar itself.

What NOT to Do When Your Child Is Having a Tantrum

(2018) | Useful to Parent Centers and other organizations working with families. Easy to read and share! This article from the Child Mind Institute gives parents and caretakers of children multiple tips on responding to difficult toddler behavior. Even when we know, as parents, how we should respond to a tantrum, in the heat of the […]

Basic Information about Trauma

A resource collection compiled by and for Parent Centers. Coordinated by the Region 2 Parent Technical Assistance Center @ ECAC September 2018 The contents of this page will help Parent Centers, families, and others build their knowledge base and understanding of what trauma is, what kinds of trauma there are, and how it affects children in […]

Trauma and Specific Populations

A resource collection compiled by and for Parent Centers. Coordinated by the Region 2 Parent Technical Assistance Center @ ECAC September 2018 Trauma affects people differently, and there are different kinds of trauma as well. This web page identifies resources that focus on the impact of trauma on: (a) children and youth with disabilities such […]

Behavioral Health Conditions in Children and Youth Exposed to Natural Disasters

(2018, August) | Useful to Parent Centers, care professionals, and families in understanding and responding to the behaviors they may see in children and youth following a natural disaster. While children and youth may experience disaster reactions similar to those of adults, in other ways their experience of disasters is different. Because children and youth […]

Helping Children Cope and Children with Special Healthcare Needs in Emergencies | Spanish

(2018, June) | Spanish | Useful to Parent Centers and other service organizations working with Spanish-speaking families to prepare for or recover from a natural disaster or other emergency. These two resources comes from the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) and the Children’s Preparedness Unit and focus on helping parents, caregivers, and […]

The Science of Resilience

(2015) | Useful to: Parent Centers and others working with individuals and families who have experienced trauma or who could benefit from understanding what we know about resilience or how to bounce back and recover from traumatic or stressful experiences. Reducing the effects of significant adversity on young children’s healthy development is critical to the […]

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