Mental Health


The Science of Resilience

(2015) | Useful to: Parent Centers and others working with individuals and families who have experienced trauma or who could benefit from understanding what we know about resilience or how to bounce back and recover from traumatic or stressful experiences. Reducing the effects of significant adversity on young children’s healthy development is critical to the […]

How to Talk to Kids About Violence, Crime, and War

(2018, March) | Useful to Parent Centers and other organizations and individuals interacting with young people (ages 2 through teens). This article from Common Sense Media addresses the importance of talking with children and youth about the violence that is constantly occurring in the United States and around the world. Today, without a doubt, issues involving […]

Resources to Help Children in the Wake of a School Shooting

(2018, February) | Useful to Parent Centers, schools, community members, and families after a school shooting. This resource comes from Child Trends and provides insightful guidance on how to help children after a school shooting or similar traumatic and violent event. Child Trends begins by saying: As adults struggle with their own reactions to the […]

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Useful to: Parent Centers for sharing with families and individuals affected by borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a diagnosis that has historically been difficult to understand. The symptoms associated with it are a painful mix of emotional turmoil, unstable relationships, and self-destructive behavior, including suicide attempts. This article from the Child Mind […]

Emotional Disturbance

Current as of December 2017 This information in Spanish   The mental health of our children is a natural and important concern for us all. The fact is, many mental disorders have their beginnings in childhood or adolescence, yet may go undiagnosed and untreated for years. (1) We refer to mental disorders using different “umbrella” […]

What is ODD?

(2017) | Useful to Parent Centers, other service providers, and families who have behavioral concerns about a defiant child When parents turn to the Internet looking for answers about their child’s behavior problems, one phrase tends to jump out: oppositional defiant disorder or ODD. “The words ‘oppositional’ and ‘defiant’ show up in parents’ vocabulary fairly frequently,” […]

Roadmap to Behavioral Health: A Guide to Using Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and SAMHSA just released a publication entitled Roadmap to Behavioral Health: A Guide to Using Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services. The Roadmap is designed to serve as a behavioral health resource for consumers and offers important information about mental health and substance use disorder services. It includes definitions of behavioral health terms and guidance on how to find a behavioral health services provider, receive treatment, and obtain follow-up care.

There’s also a companion guide, Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You, which explains what health coverage is and how to use it to get primary care and preventive services. The companion roadmap is available in English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Haitian-Creole, Vietnamese, and Korean. There is also a Tribal version.

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Mental Health Resources

Updated March 2017 There are many, many organizations and groups that deal with mental health. This page will help you find the one or ones that offer the type of assistance, intervention, or information you’re seeking. We’ve organized the information into the following sections: If it’s a crisis… A quick-read fact sheet Be sure to […]

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