Parental Rights


GAO Report on Failure to Inform Parents of Loss of IDEA Rights

(2017, November) | Useful to Parent Centers in working with families of children with disabilities. What information do parents receive about special education services and rights when enrolling their child with a disability in a “choice” program? The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigated this issue and reports its findings in its November 2017 publication, Private School […]

Parent Participation in Early Intervention

Updated, December 2017 Families, most particularly parents, are vital participants in early intervention. Your contributions are invaluable: at the individual level where you are intimately involved in determining the services that your own child will receive; and at an organizational level determining policies and scope for EI programs. The resources below have been identified because […]

Parent Notification and Consent in Early Intervention

Current as of December 2017 Parents are essential partners in early intervention. They have the right to be deeply involved at every step along the way, from evaluation of their child, to the writing of the individualized family service plan (IFSP), to helping to determine the early intervention services their child receives. Not surprisingly, Part […]

Grounds for Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights: State Statutes

(2017) | Useful to Parent Centers and other family service organizations in understanding what’s involved legally in the involuntary termination of parental rights. This updated publication from the Child Welfare Information Gateway reviews state laws that provide the legal reasons for terminating parental rights when the parent is found unfit to care and protect his […]

Parental Consent

Current as of October 2017 In Spanish | En español ______________ One of parents’ most important rights is the right to give (or not give) their consent for certain actions of the school system with respect to their child with a disability. This short page will explain this right in detail. Quick-Jump Links Definition of […]

Right to Receive Prior Written Notice

Current as of October 2017 In Spanish | En español _____________ Parental rights under IDEA include the right to receive prior written notice from the school each time that the school proposes to take (or refuses to take) certain actions with respect to your child. Specifically, the school must provide parents with prior written notice […]

Right to Obtain an Independent Educational Evaluation

Current as of November 2017 In Spanish | En español _____________________ If you, as a parent of a child with a disability, do not agree with the results of the individualized evaluation of your child, as conducted by the school system, you have the right to obtain what is known as an Independent Educational Evaluation, […]

Parental Right to Participate in Meetings

Current as of October 2017 In Spanish | En español __________________ The right to participate in meetings related to their child is one of the most important and powerful of parent rights. Parents have the right to participate in meetings with respect to the: their child’s identification, their child’s evaluation, their child’s educational placement, and provision of […]

Babies & Toddlers

Babies are such a nice way to start people. —Don Herald Current as of October 2017 In Spanish | En español The birth of a child is an exciting, life-changing event. A beautiful new baby comes to your house, family, and neighborhood. It is a time for celebration. But what happens when this new child […]

Parental Rights under IDEA

Current as of October 2017 En español | In Spanish _____________ The federal regulations for IDEA 2004 include a section (Subpart E) called Procedural Safeguards. These safeguards are designed to protect the rights of parents and their child with a disability and, at the same time, give families and school systems several mechanisms by which […]

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