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Updated as of April 26, 2020

This short page of resources is part of CPIR’s Coronavirus Suite of information. We’ve broken the original list into separate parts, because the list was just getting too long. This page identifies resources that non-profit organizations may find helpful during the turbulent economic times of COVID-19. Since Parent Centers are typically operated by non-profit companies that also operate other family-focused centers and activities, the resources available through the federal CARES Act and other sources of relief funds may be especially important at this time.


Info for Non-Profits

CARES Act: How to Apply for Nonprofit Relief Funds
(April 1, 2020) | This resource will help nonprofit organizations understand how the CARES Act (passed on March 28th) will apply to them and how to proceed with filing for assistance. The resource is categorized between assistance for individuals, small nonprofits (less than 500 employees), and large nonprofits (over 500 employees), and includes the latest information on eligibility criteria, timelines, and application information.

Webinar | Navigating the CARES Act
(April 2, 2020) | How can your nonprofit find out what applies in the CARES Act to your organization? Check out this just-held webinar on the subject.

Webinar | Federal Coronavirus Relief Bills: What Do They Mean for Nonprofits?
(March 31) | The National Council on Nonprofits held this webinar to explain the federal coronavirus relief bills just passed, including the Family First Act and the CARES Act. You can view the webinar, download the slide deck, and explore a short list of resources that address questions nonprofits may have about unemployment insurance, loans, and state public policy.

Community Foundations Nationwide Launch Coronavirus Relief Efforts
(April 23) | More than 325 U.S. community foundations in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, have created relief funds to support those affected by COVID-19 — directing critical relief to local nonprofits and partnering with local governments and health organizations to help contain its spread. This resource provides a full listing of verified funds, by state. What’s available in your state?

The CARES Act: Financial Relief for Nonprofits
(April 15) | The CARES Act provisions include, among other things, lending programs, including loan forgiveness, for nonprofits. This article summarizes three of the provisions of the CARES Act that might provide relief to nonprofits impacted by COVID-19.


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