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    Achieve and UnidosUS (formerly NCLR) have released a set of briefs examining how states are defining and measuring English Language Proficiency (ELP) standards and including ELP indicators in their accountability systems required by ESSA. Both briefs also offer a set of recommendations for states to consider as they begin to implement their ESSA plans.

    The briefs, titled “How Have States Set Goals for English Learners in ESSA Plans?” and “How Are States Including English Language Proficiency in ESSA Plans?, can be downloaded from Achieve at

    ESSA requires states and LEAs to report the number and percentage of ELs who are making progress toward achieving English language proficiency in the aggregate and disaggregated, at a minimum, by English learners with disabilities.

    The percent of students with disabilities who are also English learners in each state (2012-2013) is available at

    Candace Cortiella
    The Advocacy Institute

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