Navigating Excellence Parent Center Assistance & Collaboration Team (NE-PACT)

Technical assistance for OSEP-funded Parent Centers to enhance their capacity to provide effective services for families of children with special needs and to work effectively with state agencies in improving services for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities in their communities and states.

Our Technical Assistance Services

  • Improving nonprofit management processes
  • Non-profit board development
  • Strategies for reaching and serving underserved and under-represented families
  • Site visits and additional on-site training and support
  • Annual conference with sessions based on your feedback
  • Measuring program effectiveness and making changes as needed in programs and approaches
  • Strengthening collaborative bonds between PTIs, CPRCs, and other organizations working to improve outcomes for children with special needs and their families
  • Developing collaborative relationships with state agencies and technical assistance partners, including:
    • Equity Assistance Centers
    • States’ Part C Lead Agencies
    • State Education Agencies
  • Establishing and sustaining “communities of practice”
  • Accessing training and resources to increase parent center staff knowledge of laws, regulations and best practices in early intervention and education


How Region A PTAC Can Help

  • We are the first place to call when parent centers have a question
  • We’ll help centers identify needs through an assessment process
  • We provide regular opportunities for networking with other parent centers
  • We provide information, education, and support to assist centers to increase the capacity of boards, managers, and staff

What’s Happening

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2022 NE-PACT Conference – Equity in Action: Enhancing Parent Center Capacity(Click here to view the conference recordings and download the session materials


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