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Parent Center Data Collection | 2019-20

Here are the worksheets, forms, data item definitions, and supporting resources for Parent Centers to use in submitting results of the 2020 Parent Center Data Collection activities and Program Measures Survey. This page gives Parent Centers the tools they need to collect and submit data on their Center’s activities for the 2019-2020 program year (October 1, 2019 to […]

Parent Center Data Collection | Sample Scenarios

Updated August 2020 Reporting your Parent Center’s activities accurately for the 2019-2020 program year is an important task. This page gives you two different scenarios of training, support and assistance you might offer to a parent, and illustrates how the various contacts and activities would be counted and recorded in the Data Collection. Scenario 1 […]

Instructions | Parent Program Measures Survey Data Collection

Updated August 2020 Word version of these instructions Materials You Will Need to Conduct the Program Measures Surveys 1. You will receive an e-mail message that includes the following information: a. The number of surveys that your center is to collect and submit. b. An Excel document with your list in the order that you […]

Overview | Parent Program Measures Survey Data Collection

Updated August 2020 Word version of this overview The Parent Center Program Measures Survey process is ready for you to begin surveying parents served by your Parent Center during the 2019-20 program year. Below are the details for this year. You can submit your results at any time, but the deadline for submission is Wednesday, December […]

Parent Center Data Collection FAQs

Updated August 2020 In Part 1 of the data collection process, Parents Centers will use the data collection worksheet and accompanying definitions key to report: numbers of contacts with parents and professionals; an unduplicated count of parents served; demographic data on children (e.g., disability, race, ethnicity) and the primary language of parents; numbers of meetings attended by staff; and outreach […]

Definitions Key to the Parent Center Data Collection Form

Updated August 2020 Definitions Key in Word Parent Center Data Collection Form in Word Return to the main Data Collection Page The data collection form that Parent Centers use to report on their work was revised in January 2015 and has remained virtually unchanged since. This page provides definitions of key terms, so that PTIs and CPRCs will have […]

Request for Comments | Proposed Revisions to SPP/APR Data Collection

The Department of Education (ED) is soliciting comments on proposed revisions to the data collected via the State Performance Plan (SPP) and the Annual Performance Report (APR). Each state must file the SPP/APR with the Department for both Parts B and C of IDEA. These are the parts of the law that authorize special education and related services for children with disabilities (Part B) and early intervention services for infants and toddlers with disabilities (Part C). Among other changes, the Department is proposing to establish a new 6-year SPP cycle (FFY 2020 through FFY 2025). Interested persons are invited to submit comments on or before April 20, 2020. Read more about this request for comment and connect with what’s proposed for Parts B and C here.

2018 Parent Centers in Action | Data Snapshot

(2019, July) | Useful to Parent Centers who wish to share (with funders, community organizations, and state/local agencies) a snapshot of the Parent Center network’s 2018 work with families and professionals. Parent Centers are a lifeline of support for families of children, youth, and young adults with disabilities. The advocacy they provide is grounded in […]

A Year in the Life 2018: Parent Centers in Action

Oh, what Parent Centers can achieve in one year! This page tells the story of A Year in the Life 2018: Parent Centers in Action nationwide AND it connects Parent Centers with an adaptable infographic they can use to spotlight their individual achievements: who they served, how, in what language, and much more.

Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of IDEA, 2018

The Secretary of Education is required by law to report annually to Congress on the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The 2018 report presents data on the children with disabilities receiving early intervention services or special education from July 2015 through December 2016, including:

  • the nature of their disability,
  • their placement, and
  • the types of related services and other supportive services they received.

Read the preface to the report or its key findings, and download the full report here.

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