Early Intervention


Family Engagement and the Leadership Team

(2018, August) | Useful to Parent Centers for sharing with families, early childhood programs, and professionals involved in implementing the Pyramid Model. This 3-page resource from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) discusses the value of including a family member on the leadership team of early childhood programs implementing the Pyramid Model for Supporting […]

Parent Notification and Consent in Early Intervention

Current as of December 2017 Parents are essential partners in early intervention. They have the right to be deeply involved at every step along the way, from evaluation of their child, to the writing of the individualized family service plan (IFSP), to helping to determine the early intervention services their child receives. Not surprisingly, Part […]

Babies & Toddlers

Babies are such a nice way to start people. —Don Herald Current as of October 2017 In Spanish | En español The birth of a child is an exciting, life-changing event. A beautiful new baby comes to your house, family, and neighborhood. It is a time for celebration. But what happens when this new child […]

Key Terms to Know in Early Intervention

Current as of October 2017 PDF version of 9 key terms (6 pages) PDF version of IDEA’s definition of Early Intervention Services (6 pages) Early intervention is full of terms that people constantly use in writing and in conversation, and it’s important to know what those terms mean. We are pleased to provide this handy […]

Services in Your State for Infants and Toddlers

Current as of September 2017 In Spanish | en español   Early intervention services are specially designed to address the educational and developmental needs of very young children with disabilities and those who are experiencing developmental delays. Early intervention provides free developmental evaluations of children younger than 3 (that is to say, before their third […]

Writing the IFSP for Your Child

Current as of October 2017 After your young child’s evaluation is complete and he or she is found eligible for early intervention services, you, as parents, and a team will meet to develop a written plan for providing early intervention services to your child and, as necessary, to your family. This plan is called the […]

Providing Early Intervention Services in Natural Environments

Current as of October 2017 Early intervention services are to be provided in natural environments to the maximum extent appropriate for the child and for the EI service itself. So–what’s considered a “natural environment”? What isn’t? This webpage focuses upon answering these questions and on connecting you with resources of additional information and best practice. […]

Overview of Early Intervention

Esta información en español | This information in Spanish Current as of October 2017 If you’re concerned about the development of an infant or toddler, or you suspect that a little one has a disability, this page will summarize one terrific source of help—the early intervention system in your state. Early intervention services can help […]

Building the Legacy for Our Youngest Children with Disabilities

A Training Curriculum on IDEA 2004’s Part C Originally published in 2012-2015 | Current as of 2017 Welcome to CPIR’s training curriculum on early intervention! Here’s a list of the training modules available: Module 1–Basics of Early Intervention Module 3–Pre-Referral and Referral Activities Module 4–Screening, Evaluation, and Assessment Procedures Module 5–Procedures for IFSP Development, Review, […]

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