Photo of a calculator, pen, statistics graph, and eyeglassesEvery year Parent Centers are required by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) to submit an annual performance/continuation report. The reports summarize program activities, accomplishments, challenges, and results. To support Parent Centers in preparing and submitting their annual performance/continuation report, OSEP has held webinars, which CPIR is pleased to archive below for every Parent Center’s ongoing reference. Webinars are listed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent:

2017 Annual Performance/Continuation Reports

2016 Annual Performance/Continuation Reports


See also OSEP informational webinars held for Parent Centers.
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2017 Annual Performance | Continuation Reports

Title of webinar: Preparing Annual Reports for OSEP 2017

Date of webinar: December, 2016

Brief Description: The purpose of the webinar is to prepare Parent Centers for the submission of  annual reports/continuation reports in May 2017. The webinar goes through the steps and required forms one by one, the kinds of data that Parent Centers are expected to submit, and timelines.

New This Year: In 2017, Parent Centers are required to submit to their project officers a “shell report” in March. The webinar explains what a “shell report” is, the review process the project officers will use to provide feedback to Centers, and how this process will help Parent Centers submit improved APR and continuation reports in May.

Access recording of the webinar at:

Related Materials:
PowerPoint Presentation “Preparing Annual Reports for OSEP 2017 (PPTX file, 2.1 MB)

ED 524 Form (Word, 939 kb)

Cover for ED 524B (Option 3, No “indirect cost”) (Word, 346 kb)

Sample of the Project Status Chart for 2017 Continuation Report (Word, 293 kb)

QRU Measures for Annual Reports (Word document)

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2016 Annual Performance | Continuation Reports

Date of webinar: January 27, 2016

Brief Description: The purpose of the webinar is to prepare Parent Centers for the submission of  annual reports/continuation reports in May, and to lay the foundation for the technical assistance Parent Centers will receive from regional parent technical assistance centers.

Access recording of the webinar at:

Related Materials: PowerPoint Presentation (PDF, 1 MB) and the QRU Measures for Annual Reports 1-12-16 (Word document)

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Preparing Annual Reports for OSEP

Date of webinar:  March 14, 2013

Brief Description: To build grantees’ awareness of the purpose of the annual reports (also known as continuation reports) and what is expected of them in the annual reports.

Access recording of webinar at:

Related materials:  PowerPoint Slides (PDF, 945 KB), as well as Instructions for Copying from Microsoft Word into G5 (PDF, 251 KB)

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