Webinar | Native American Resource Collection

Hosted by the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)
Date | February 6, 2020


The Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center (NAPTAC) produced a rich collection of materials for Parent Centers to use in planning and conducting outreach to the Native American families of children with disabilities in their service regions. To its honor, CPIR has been charged with converting and integrating into the Hub the NAPTAC library of Native American resources for Parent Centers. Half of the enormous collection was unveiled in this webinar, and we took a tour of some of the resources within, all intended for use by Parent Centers in learning about Native culture and in planning and conducting outreach to American Indian and Alaska Native communities and families whose children have disabilities.


  • Debra Jennings, Center for Parent Information & Resources
  • Carmen Sánchez, Project Officer for CPIR
  • Judy Wiley, Consultant, NAPTAC Project Manager
  • Joann Sebastian Morris, Consultant, NAPTAC Author and Trainer
  • Yvonne Sinisgalli, Native Parent Specialist, Long Island Advocacy Center
  • Kristi Moscato, Native Parent Specialist, Parent Network of WNY
  • Jennifer Cole, Native Parent Specialist, WA PAVE Center
  • Alexandra Fogerty, Native Parent Specialist, Stone Soup Group (Alaska)

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Listen to the Webinar

Each speaker acknowledges that they are standing on original Native lands and share the name of the tribes or nations that lived there—and, in many cases, still do. While the closed captioning doesn’t always spell the names of the tribes correctly, we are pleased to share here the tribes mentioned and provide links to more information about those tribes.

Debra Jennings, New Jersey | Lenni Lenape, also known as the Delaware

Carmen Sánchez, Washington, DC | Nacotchtank tribe, from which the name of the Anacostia River was derived

Jennifer Cole, Washington State | There are 29 federally recognized tribes in WA and many that are not. Find out more at:

Alexandra Fogarty, Alaska | There are 229 federally recognized tribes in Alaska, the largest number in the United States. 

Kristi Moscato, New York | Kristi’s Parent Center is located between two nations, the Tuscarora and the Seneca. Read more about both, as well as other tribes in New York:
All tribes in NY: https://www.500nations.com/New_York_Tribes.asp
Tuscarora: http://www.tuscaroras.com/
Seneca: https://sni.org/

Yvonne Sinisgalli, Long Island, NY | Shinnecock Indian Nation

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