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Updated as of April 26, 2020

This short page of resources is part of CPIR’s Coronavirus Suite of information. We’ve broken the original list into separate parts, because the list was just getting too long. The page focuses toward the future, when workplaces and schools reopen. No one knows when this will happen. In some places, it already is. So how do we get ready for this part of what’s ahead? Having a plan is a start. These resources can help us all prepare.


Planning for When Workplaces and Schools Reopen

Reopening the Workplace: A Preliminary Guide for Employers
(April 16, 2020) | As we contemplate lifting pandemic-related workplace restrictions, employers must start considering how best to cope with issues such as restarting or expanding operations, reintegrating remote-working or furloughed employees, implementing new state and local orders/requirements, and protecting the safety of employees and customers. Employers who proactively plan for these challenges will be best positioned to adapt to the “new normal.”

Strategies For Developing A Return To Work Action Plan
(April 17, 2020) | While most of the country is subject to shutdown orders, federal and local leaders are contemplating when and how to bring people back to work. Return to work plans will vary widely, and will require employers to meet challenges unique to their workforce and geography. Given the breadth and complexity of these issues, now is the time for employers to lay the groundwork for implementing specific return to work plans.

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