Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)


Renee Bradley
Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)
U.S. Department of Education

Diane Smith Howard
National Disability Rights Network

Kris Kernan
Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service

Sharon Coppedge Long
Oklahoma Parents Center

Todd Loftin
Oklahoma Department of Education



In this CPIR webinar, Renee Bradley, of OSEP, is joined by representatives from Parent Centers, protection and advocacy agencies, and state directors of special education to  unpack the important “Dear Colleague” letter  released by OSEP regarding behavior and school discipline. and discuss its impact on the field.

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Download the transcript of the webinar (Word, 46 kb)

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Handout | Supporting Behavior of Students with Disabilities
This handout is designed to support OSEP’s 16-page Dear Colleague Letter on Supporting Behavior of Students with Disabilities, released on August 1, 2016. OSEP also released a 2-page summary of that letter for stakeholders. The handout features terms and topics mentioned by OSEP in its Dear Colleague letter, as well as terms and topics generally associated with behavior or school discipline issues. Its purpose is to connect Parent Centers with resources that they can use to: (a) find quick answers for families about providing positive behavioral supports (PBS) to students with disabilities; and (b) build the Center’s capacity to respond to questions on important topics related to PBS, IDEA’s discipline provisions, and more.

Handout | Important Links Mentioned in Dear Colleague Letter (Word, 16 kb)

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