Transition to Adulthood Hub

Transition to Adulthood is a large topic that spans age ranges. The CPIR has many resources related to transition in general and the categories associated with it, including starting the transition process in high school, graduation, higher education, employment and training (WIAO, VR, etc.), independent living, becoming a self-advocate, and much, much more.

Resources from Our Partners at the RAISE Center and the RSA-PTIs

The CPIR is proud to collaborate with the National RAISE Center in bringing the following transition resources collection to you. The information here is broken up into 8 categories that span the breadth of topics RAISE addresses for youth/young adults with disabilities and their families as they navigate the transition from high school to secondary school, competitive employment, independent living, and more.

The resources in this section come directly from the RAISE’s extensive curation of Transition-related resources from professional and educational organizations as well as advocacy groups and, of course, the 7 RSA-PTIs that work to support transition in their states.

Transition Materials from CPIR

This list will update any time a transition-related item is added to the Resource Library.

Buzz | Talking about Race

This Buzz has been very painful to write, and we expect that it will touch a lot of already raw nerves. Still, we must take the time and have the courage to talk honestly about race, especially to our children, and to work individually and together against the inequities and injustices that African American men, women, and children confront every day. This Buzz will connect you with the new series we have humbly begun: Talking about Race. We also share with you less disturbing information about the goings-on in the Parent Center network, summer camp information, and other resources you may find useful.

“I’m Determined” Website

A project of the VA Department of Education, the I'm Determined website offers resources for youth, families, and educators around self-determination.  Self-determination is about youth with disabilities taking control of their lives.  Resources include videos,...

Buzz | Off to Work and Out to Play

Summer’s nearly upon us, the need to school at home has ended for the moment, and children and adults alike want to play in the sun and have cookouts and get-togethers. Yet COVID-19 remains very much in the picture. How do we safely combine that reality with reopening venues and workplaces, beaches and camps, and choosing between all the opportunities and responsibilities that come into play as a result?

Coping with COVID-19 for Adults and for Children

  New resources added during the week of July 20-24, 2020. These appear first in the list of resources below. Note: A date in parentheses means the publication date of that resource, not the date we posted it here. This is to let you see at a glance how current...

Buzz | Advancing Equity in Our Communities

The issue that drives the deepest wedge into the well-being of our communities is the glaring inequity that so many people and groups of people confront every day. As individuals and organizations, how can we address, let alone reset, the imbalances that exist and do so much lasting harm? The resources in this Buzz offer a window into those inequities and let you drill down from our profile as a nation, to state-level profiles, and even the particulars of a given town or zip code zone. Such data can greatly inform and fuel Parent Center planning, activities, and equity of services.

Buzz | Oh, the Places You Can Go Online

The resources we share in this Buzzfocus on our new normal–getting our work done virtually, whether that’s schooling our children, meeting with planning teams or committees, helping families, or exploring topics of personal or professional interest. It’s astounding how much fascinating and useful material is available online.

Buzz | Multilingual Resources on COVID-19

As the nation scrambles to contain the spread of the coronavirus and address the health care needs of people now and in the foreseeable future, we imagine that Parent Centers might find the resources listed in this Buzz quite relevant. We’ve made sure to include multilingual items you can share with the families you help, with schools in your area, and with your staff.

Supporting the Whole Child through Trauma-Informed Practice

(2020, January) | Useful to Parent Centers and others working with children who've experienced trauma. Equipped with rapidly growing knowledge about how trauma can undermine young people’s healthy development and ability to learn, many youth-serving professionals,...